Hydraulic Block-making Machine

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QT6-15 Hydraulic Block-making Machine

The Machine Description:

1 Automatic Hydraulic Block Machine use sand. stone. ash. cinder. gangue. tailings. ceramsite. perlite and other industrial waste to process variety of new wall materials, materials widely, green economy, less investment, effective fast.

2.Concealed hydraulic oil circuit reduce space that the machine takes up. Shorten the pipeline make it more powerful. The unique cooling system can ensure the oil temperature under any work circumstances and completely solved the problem of long-run leakage oil. Every parts of the machine have the characterist of reliable quality and stable performance.

3.Its control system is main control system and computer control system. Frequency and speed changing device: It can change the action based on the different material with a high degree flexibility.

4.It has a unique structure of crank rod feeding device and completely solve the problem of discharge in shaped brick.

5.Machine with high accuracy. High-strength castings and special welding techniques and materials, rigidity is good, earthquake-resistant, long life.

6.Mold: We increase the thickness of the mold using fine grinding, special steel, high-frequency carburizing treatment with more sustainable use. This machine can replace different mold and produce standard bricks, lawns brick, pavers, revetment tiles, road teeth brick, hollow bricks blind hole bricks and other specificate bricks. It is multifunctional, flexible and proactive. It meets the requirements of of users cartridge design and can replace the mold within a few minutes to facilitate the operation greatly improved efficiency.

7.Vibration: This machine uses sets mode resonance, with a strong exciting force, the production of the block strength is high.

8.Molding: Its molding cycle is short. The block products is high strength, accuracy dimension. The machine's unique design of balance mold produce block shape formation, angular pretty neat.
This machine features:
The block forming cycle is short and production efficiency is high. It is high strength, dense, dimensional precision. This machine can produce different specifications bricks, hollow blocks, curb stone, as well as tree planting grass brick, slope protection brick and other cement products through the replacement of mold. 

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