Bioenergy Articles on Biogas

1 Introduction
Anaerobic digestion of organic wastes and by‚Äźproducts from agriculture and the food industry is a process known for many years and is widely used for waste stabilization, pollution control, improvement of manure quality and biogas production (Weiland, 2006). Biogas production from manure contributes to climate protection by reducing emissions of CO2 via substitution of fossil fuels and by reducing CH4 emissions from the manure during storage (Moller et al., 2007). It is expected that biogas production will be instrumental in reaching European goals in the field of renewable energy. Due to the simultaneous advantages of avoiding greenhouse gas emissions and producing energy (Sommer et al., 2004) as well as reducing odor emissions (Hansen et al., 2006), there has been a rapid development in the use of biogas in recent years (Weiland, 2006).