Biomass Gasifier and Cooling and Cleaning System

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Feedstock ----agriculture and forest residues such as rice husk, crop stalk, coconut fiber dust, pruned fruit tree branch, twig timber, chips from timber processing factory etc.
Requirement of feedstock----granule size d10mm, moisture contentd15%
function----For thermal output, electric power generation(such as CHP unit, B/IGCC system)
Industry----Rice mills, timber processing mills, paper processing mills and so on.

Models range LHC-100 LHC-200 LHC-400 LHC-800 LHC-1000 LHC-1200 available with from 100KW to 5MW

Generator rated output power 100 200 400 800 1200
Production volume of biomass gas(Nm3/hr) 800 1500 3650 4500
Gas temperature of gasification furnace outlet(C) 700~800 700~800 700~800
Gas temperature of the outlet after cleaning and cooling??deg;C??

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