Edinburgh authorities consider future of biomass plant

Edinburgh City Council is still considering its response to proposals to build a new biomass energy plant in Leith.

The plans for the construction of the site have been lodged with the Scottish government, and the local council is currently considering the possibility of lodging a formal objection, The Scotsman notes.

Concerns were raised by councillor Jenny Dawe over the impact that burning biomass in the area would have on air quality.

However, the company behind the scheme insisted that a full environmental impact assessment had been done as part of the submission process.

"The scope of this assessment has been agreed with the Scottish government, both air quality and health are addressed appropriately," Calum Wilson, managing director of Forth Energy, told the publication.

Edinburgh City Council recently demonstrated its commitment to environmental programmes by expanding its kerbside recycling collection to include plastic bottles, in response to requests from residents.

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