Clean Development undertakes bioenergy project in Tunisia

Clean Development Projects Limited, a London, UK-based company dedicated to promoting and facilitating sustainability in energy, has signed an agreement with a Tunisian cement company to develop a 500,000-hectare bioenergy plantation.

The oil obtained from the bioenergy plantation will be used to power cement plants in Tunisia, reducing carbon emissions by more than 2 million tonnes of CO2 a year over the next 40 years. In addition to this, the 574,500,000 trees planted on the site will sequester over 1 million tonnes of CO2 over the next four decades.

Before the development of the site begins, Clean Development Projects and its partners will make a detailed study of the land, which was allocated by the Tunisian government.

Development will begin in the summer of 2011 and the first crop will be expected in the early spring of 2011.

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