Block Making Machine (QTJ4-25)

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It has the feartures of reasonable design, compact structure, directional vibration, frequency brakes, and the immediate abolition of energy consumption, without the need of artificial fabric to the board. This greatly reducing the labor intensity. Its up and down pressure, and powerful vibrator is particularly suitable for high-strength block the production, post-forming stacking (3-5 layers high). This is a kind of multi-purpose machine with different molds be produced. The block’s are high density, high strength and its performance is comparable with large type equipment.

Technical parameters:
production capacity: 30000 piece
power: 21kw
Forming cycle: 25s
Pallet Size: 850 * 450 * 40
Overall dimensions: 3000 * 1950 * 2400 (mm)
Executive Standard: GB/T8533-1998

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