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coal, natural gas, or biosmass fuel?

coal is much cheaper than natural gas but im not too sure about the costs of biomass fuel.

water, with the hydro electric plants we can generate chepest power...
It really depends on your location. I'm taking a class on renewable energy right now, and we talked about how biomass can be a really cheap fuel if you are creating a large amount of it or have it near by. Paper mills create their own electricity using biomass from excess wood pulp. As far as other biomass, I'm not too sure. I know a biomass plant around me shut down a few years ago because it was no longer cost effective (if that tells you anything).
Naresh is correct in pointing out that water is the cheapest "fuel" consumed to generate electricity but not necessarily correct in stating that this provides the cheapest power. Hydro plants are often very expensive to build.

Anyhow your question is confined to coal, gas and biomass. As you point out thermal coal will normally be cheapest although not for example in Saudi Arabia. In most locations gas is the most expensive but it can be used in combined cycle plants which are near to twice as efficient as the steam plants using coal.

Biomass is more difficult to assess as there are very many types which throw up a wide spectrum of problems. Essentially it should of course be cheaper but sellers know the value of what they have. Some types for example cause problems (and extra maintenance) in boilers and can perhaps only be used together with a large fraction of coal. Then there are quality problems with stones, sand, water content and so on. Difficult to make a single blanket cost statement that would be accurate.
Depending on the plant's location,if the plant is near a port with modern unloading facilities, coak may turn out a cheaper fuel than biomass. Biomass requires much time in fuel preparation such as grinding and sorting and transportation in gathering from a distant location. Its mioisture content also may make it an inefficient fuel compared to coal.
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