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It is so obviously impractical even compared to other alternative energy sources like wind power. Only 0.06% of the worlds electricity comes from solar Photovoltaics, about 1/3 as much as of the rarely mentioned geothermal power or 1/10 the power we get from wind power or biomass.

Solar provides less than 1/200th the electricity we can get from hydro power.

If solar power was anywhere near practical it would be more common among the renewable power sources.

A solution to global warming will have to be practical to do any good and right now solar does not seem to qualifiy compared to the other renewables.
Solar energy does not produce pollution or excess Carbon dioxide (so-called "Green house gases).
The solution to repair the problem is to repair the ozone. You do that, then global warming will cease to exist. Only way to do that is to get a hold of the Russian scientist that Invented the force field and have him experiment with heat to see if he can control the heat going from one side of the force field to the other side of the force field. If this is accomplished then satelights can be put around the planet in the ozone to control the amount of heat comeing through. If this is possibile then it may also be possible to put satilights about 100 miles further out in space to protect the planet from anything incoming like (meteors +) A step further is to put satelights around the solar system
Solar power has made more headlines lately because of housebuilding policy in N California and new federal susidies to industries that wish to invest in the technology for their energy needs, and pay back less over a four to six year timespan.
Let's hope they've done their homework right. But also, though your arguments may be in some part true, once the government has been pursuaded to finally act, let them continue with Plan A until the review period. Otherwise counter-arguments will lead to the halting of the projects for another 5 years.
This has to be better than continuing with the status quo.
Hydro, wind, and geothermal power have geographic restrictions.

Solar power is available almost anywhere. For large scale production it is impractical, but for individuals producing their own power it works great.
Actually those who know better don't think it's the "total" solution, just part of it.

Solar power alone is not enough to satisfy our electricity consumption, we need additional green sources.

Practicality is more a measure of the costs to produce solar panels, as manufacturing costs come down, practicality goes up. You may see paint on solar panels soon, that would be a lot cheaper.

Maybe if they allowed 1/3 of the continental US to flood again this spring and built a dam they could get more power from hydro, otherwise, no new sources of Hydro. I.e. hydro power = flooding "somewhere".

Geothermal is not the answer, even though it is "green". Global warming is excess energy in the biosphere, geothermal would pump heat from the planet's core into the biosphere, doesn't help.

Next big untapped source is likely tidal and wave.
You are basing you reasoning around statistics. The reason it is not popular at the moment is because of the cost and land area it uses. It is a very viable alternative if costs can be brought down.

Using wind power (although expensive) does not need great areas of land to be effective. Agriculture can still take place around these "windmills".

Ocean power is expensive to install and difficult to maintain.

Geothermal power is nearly infinitely renewable but also at the moment difficult to install and maintain for generating electricity.

An experimental fusion reaction power station is planned in France but who knows when that will be proven feasible to go into mass production. This would be the obvious solution to the electricity needs of the Earth population.

Global warming is not caused by the hole in the ozone layer. It is caused by the polution in the air that keeps heat from radiating out from the earth into space. This means more heat is kept in the atmophere. This effect is called global warming.
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