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What I'm asking is would you support the building of a power plant that produces more than one form of energy to provide base-load generation. What do you make of a nuclear power plant with solar heliostats and wind turbines? Not to mention geothermal heating pumps and a biomass generator? How would you feel if it was located on a coastline with wave and tidal generators? Those are seven forms of energy I just mentioned. Six of them are renewable. And if they recycled 96 percent of the nuclear power like they do in France, that would be perfect. What do you make of that?
Maybe one day when we harness nuclear fusion, they could create some hybrid reactors that fuse all the atoms back together once they're split. So you could have synchronous nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. Any thoughts on that?
Actually there are 4 R's

1. Restore
2. Reuse
3. Retrofit
4. Recycle

Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you would do everything that you can to make a contribution to the environment and make the world a better place. :-)
Yes I would.
It seems intuitive that this would not be efficient. combining some operations at a home site would be interesting. When you have figured how to safely store nuclear waste for thousands of years let me know. With hundreds of thousands of miles of rivers and streams, what about low impact low head hydro generating units. This would seem to compliment solar and wind plants.
It's not optimal use of facilities to insist that the different types of plants be located in one location. It serves no purpose.

You locate a wind turbine where there is wind, solar array where there is sun, etc. They are all connected together by power lines, so why would you reduce efficiency this way.

This is very interesting, but I think unlikely to be implemented in the near future
I believe that in Scandinavia there is a highly efficient system called CHP (combines heat and power) that uses a variety of sources to heat water to drive a turbine. However the technology used is still not efficient.
Maybe it's unlikely to find an area where we could use wind, solar, geothermal all at the same time, however taking advantage of the environmental factors near a nuclear power plant would be a very good idea, however perhaps the nuclear power plant should be able to run without support from the other energy sources, maybe that would increase its safety im no expert.
It seems a very logical idea to use different technologies together, as wind is usually found near sea. Wind turbines could maybe be used to provide electricity for producing hydrogen gas from the ocean, which is a clean fuel.
Perhaps in the future these will become the new oil rigs, with hydrogen pipelines coming in from the sea.
The idea of the nuclear fission-fusion thing sounds like a good idea, but when nuclear fusion is feasible would it be necessary to undergo the fission process in the first place ? fusion is much more efficient and clean I think
But yeah, id support a hybrid power plant
Laying one power line instead of many to individual sources all over the country, sounds good, has to be cost effective, and better for the environment. Sounds right to me.
if we could design and be able to build something like that.. I would totally support something to help save the world we live on.

I am all about trying to better myself with the 3 r's and trying to be nicer to the planet. :)
I support
I like those kind of ideas. and i wish one day of would be in that field too
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