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Take it this way: Saving the environment (Going green) can help you save green (Money) right? The average American spends a lot of excess money on energy that could be much cheaper than is and renewable as well. And besides, all the environmentalist commercials already told you that the construction on energy generators such as wind vanes, hydro-power dams, and Biomass plants can spike up new jobs immediately. What do you, as the community think?
ok i think that we should gradulaly go into going green. if we spen all of our money on going green at this very moment we could just make the econmy worse than it already is. i think that going green isvery impotant and will be useful in the long run but we are to deep in to go all in right now but soon very soon if we get out of the rut we are in soon
When I sort of looked down through some early lists of the stimulus package laundry list - I saw a lot of retro-fitting of buildings for energy efficiency in terms of a lot of the "green" dollars; particularly Federal buildings and facilities. This make a fair amount of sense for a variety of reasons. For example, converting from single to double paned windows soon pays for itself in many communities and there comes a time in which the upgrade actually saves more money than it cost to do in the first place. Still, it wasn't what I was expecting to see in terms of creating "green technologies" and "green jobs".

I can also see the advantage to upgrading the electrical grid so that we more efficiently use what we are currently generating. - Besides, if the energy efficient and petrol saving car of the future is electrically based, I can see a growing need at a rate that outstrips the doubled population within the next 25-50 years. - But, for the very little I've since read about the issue, what is proposed may cover about 1%-10% of the costs to honestly upgrade the grid.

With respect to some of these other projects - There are plans on the shelf and even permits issued for a number of these types of projects out there around the country. With the lack of Federal coordination, a number of communities and utilities have drawn up plans for their own back yards. I don't know that there is much for coordination between areas and regions about the country. I suspect that in the end, some areas, regions, and parts of the country are going to be light years behind others...Yet, these projects can meet a number of the Obama criteria and efforts.
It could be the saving grace for us right now if we had some brave entrepreneurs in this country....time will tell.
i don't think that will ever repair us. it might be a little step. but it's definitely not going to solve every problem!
Going green is actually more expensive than not or manufacturers would have jumped on it loooong ago.
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