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pls give detailed procedure , cost of 1MW power plant
Bio Gas produced from Bio Mass can be used as source to produce electricity. Here we use a Generator where bio gas mixed with certain percentage (5 to 10 %) of liquid fuel is used as fuel. We can use Diesel or Kerosene or even Petrol for mixing with gas.

As far as costing is concerned it will depend on region where you want to install the project, availability of raw material, etc., The best way is to search on net for consultants for the job. In India Minestry of Nonreneuable energy handles these kind of project and all states have non conventional energy departments who can also help.

A good option can be using Jatropha oil as fuel instead of Diesel, Petrol or Kerosene for mixing with Bio Gas for combustion.
You want details? Use a search engine. Biomass can be used just like coal. Biogas can be used just like natural gas. True, neither alternative carries as much energy as the standard variety, but the fact that it's renewable makes up for much.
first biomass is fed into a digester
biomass is nothin but waste products which are bio degradable
and this digester is like a sealed chamber because to make biomas into biogas v need to convert it into biogas in the absece or oxygen and the presence of anaerobic bacteria which will break down the complex compunds into simpler substances
this digester is connected to an outlet pipe which is connected to houses........
or if you want to convert this into electricity the gas which is produced will be converted into steam at high pressure which is released to move turbines which will generate electricity........
insert the copper and zinc plates in it and with the help of the crowpins connect them to the electronic device taking care that they do not touch each other. the device will start running!
Biomass is any material that comes from living things such as garbage, plant trimmings, scrap wood, etc. All most all biomass can be burnt directly or decomposed to make liquid or gaseous fuel (biogas). From there the process is the same as generating electricity with traditional fuel. Burn the biofuel, boil water, use the steam to run a steam engine or turbine which drives a generator.
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