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Well.... I've a big project about Biomass Energy , I've to write How does Biomass Fuel work . I just finished it , but I don't know I wrote it wrong or right , can you guys check it for me? Thanks ALotttt , my life will savee.
Step 1: Wasted wood and other sources are fed into furnace , where it's burn.
Step 2: The heat created and used to boil water.
Step 3: The energy from the steam used to whirl turbines and generator.
Step 4: Energy created and become electricity then go to the powerline.
Thanks alotttt , I hope this project will help me bring up my grade T_T
You are really very basic but "on the right lines". I wouldn't say what you wrote here corresponds to a "big" project and if "big" is what your examiners are looking for, then this won't do much for your grades. But, on the bright side - it's not actually wrong! If the question had been "how does swimming work?" your answer corresponds to 1. get in water. 2. wave arms. 3 move forward.

Using biomass fuel can run into lots of difficulties depending what the biomass is. It may not burn very well and may have first to be mixed with other fuel. Again it may cause corrosion or erosion of boiler tubes requiring dilution or other measures to mitigate. These factors have to be checked for every consignment and any changes in biomass being supplied under a contract must be carefully monitored to avoid trouble before it happens. Sent and received wieghts, quality and moisture / junk (e.g. stones) content have to be carefully checked for each shipment to avoid theft and boiler damage. Biomass is pretty big business!
Some step to know how it will work.
Step 1: Put wastage wood and other resource in furnace to burn them.
Step 2: That heat was used to boil the water.
Step 3: The energy generated from heat help to turns turbines.
Step 4: From these electric energy will be generated and pass to power line.
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