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I do not mean can we use biomass fuels or co2 from algae. What I mean is there currently a way to use plants basically as solar panels that we then connect some sort of machine to and harness the energy to turn a generator and make electricity. Like a symbiotic relationship. Any info/links to info on this subject would be great thanks.
you could burn 'em in your fireplace.

but that's about it.
Yes, it is possible and it has already been tried (and it worked!)
German researchers combined Algae and nano silver particles, by this they raised the effectivity of the Algae by 18 times. They hope to use this in sun collectors (which in theory is possible).

So... yea, seems it's possible - if it wasn't, then experts of this field would not try to do it. It's almost exactly what you described, but it's more like using the advantage of the plants... some kind of bionic stuff.
Sounds very interesting. It may be cool if this come true. But I am afraid that more plants will be damaged by the machine. Since I don't know much about these. I am interested in others' answer and the improvement of this survey.
not really, plus that would kill plants cause they are already filled with little energy as it is.... Why not try that big battery in the sky :)
A typical, old-fashioned coal power plant is only 35 percent efficient (it wastes about two-thirds of the energy in each lump of coal), but new designs combined cycle power plants Such as must be up to 50 percent efficient. Unlike a conventional power plant exhaust heat produced in a combined cycle power plant is not allowed to escape and waste energy, they are instead used to produce steam and drive a second turbine and generator. This design is up to 15 percent more efficient than a conventional power plant.
It was correct that from plants we get energy. A char coal was get from plants and from that we get heat energy, a fuel is also get from plants after millennium of years.
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