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and what are the advantages and disadvantages ?
You would have to use it as the fuel to raise steam in a generating plant.

Advantages: apparently carbon-neutral, although by the time you take into account the energy that goes into growing and transporting it, this isn't really true.

Disadvantages: using land to grow fuel pushes up the price of food. This is already happening to a tragic extent


Biomass contains a great deal of water, and it takes energy to remove that. It also contains sulphur and nitrogen, so it is far from clean as a fuel.
Two ways:

One: burn it as fuel. The most commonly used type of biomass for this is wood.

Two: allow it to decompose, then burn the end products as fuel. This is how fossil fuels are made. Methane and other light hydrocarbons are quite easily produced from rotting organic matter.

As you can see, biomass-fuelled generation is not actually a new idea, nor is it a very good one.
the answer is in www.biomassenergy.gr/en/
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