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Hello there. i was wondering what kinda feed you use for your bunnies. I have purina rabbit chow currenlty but was at at different feed mill and they have nutrena naturewise pellets. I was wondering if anyone has used that before and if it is a good pellet. I know purina is pretty good but im not sure about that other. I know timothy pellets are better,but i havent switched over and dont know if i will or not. I was trying to find the ideal guaranteed analysis of rabbit feed. I saw the one on rabbit.org but it didnt mention the vitamin A amounts. Does anyone know the recommended for that? Purina has 4000iu/lb and this other stuff has 9000iu/lb. That seems like alot to me and was not sure if that is good or not. Thanks to anyone.
Thanks everyone. I do give my girl greens and hay she loves em both. Dont worry i know about iceberg.
I have three indoor rabbits. they like pellets, and don't get me wrong, they are ood for them. But you really need to give them some fresh greens also. My bunnies LOVE turnip greens. I don't know why, but out of all the greens, they chose turnip. They are cheap and provide your bunnies with extra moisture. Just please NO ICEBERG LETTUCE!!! it will give them diarhea.
I used to show English Angora rabbits. I feed them free choice Blue Seal Show Hutch Deluxe and free choice timothy hay. Got some great bunnies using that brand of feed. I was going to switch them to Marshall Pet Peter's Rabbit Formula since they have more variety in the greens that they put in the pellets. It is a very good brand.
give your rabbits daily carrots, cuccumbers, hay and comercial rabbit food that are sold in put stores is also good for their health.

ocactional food for adults ONLY! lettuce, a piece of apple or strawberry or burries will also make them happy.

for baby rabbits give them carrots, hay cucumber and comericial food that is designed for baby rabbits. it is also recommended that u give your baby rabbits a shot from the vet that will make them more adaptable to new kinds of food. because baby rabbits have a really sencitive digestion system.
I have two bunnies and the pellets are not the best thing to feed them. My vet instructed that they eat large amounts of Timothy Hay on a daily basis and get the pellets as treats. The bunnies looooove their pellets, but a healthy diet of Timothy Hay and fresh greens is all they need - it keeps them healthy and bloat-free! A great brand for the pellets is American Pet Diner, which has Hay-based formulas that are really good for buns! Check out http://rabbit.org/faq/sections/diet.html - they have great tips!
I used to use purina but my oringinal feed mill went out of business so i had to swutch too blue seal. both are excellant and i reccomend purina and blue seal. the other brand you are using doesn't seem that great, try to stick with purina. also pellet should be alfalfa based, and you should supplement it will timonthy hay.
i use hay, and the store bought pellets. they work great for my bunny, she he loves them!
A diet for a rabbit was a green grass and it would be healthy for rabbit. Give a some change to rabbit which are good for them such like that a carrot, banana , radish which they like most and having a nutrient in more amount. Not all type of hay give to them, give not that hay which having a more fiber in it.
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