Biomass planning application to go ahead

  Last Updated: Wednesday 26th of January 2011 09:53:00 AM +0800HKT

Biomass energy power station company Helius Energy is to submit a formal planning application this year for its proposed power station in Southampton.

Public consultation over the scheme is now underway for the 100MWe power plant at the Southampton port.

The company said it was looking into how heat produced by the plant could be used by local businesses and homes.

Most of the fuel will be delivered to the plant by sea through the Port of Southampton, with some locally sourced fuel being delivered by road.

Helius signed an option on the 20-acre port-owned site in August and is talking to landowners elsewhere about building further power stations with capacity for 200MWe. The company already has planning consent for projects with 170MWe of capacity.

Keith Henry, chairman of Helius Energy, said: "We expect the prospects for biomass energy projects in the UK to continue to grow over the long-term. In spite of government cuts, renewable energy continues to be positively supported by government.”

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